FREE 7-Day Emotional Healing Challenge
Feel EMPOWERED in 7 days
1:1 Energy Healing
    Energy Healing and life coaching.
    Book a one on one session to address a major emotional, physical, or spiritual issue in your life. This could have a flow on affect into other areas of your life too. 
    •  Intend on one major area
    •  Laser focused for quick transformation 
    •  90 minute Healing session
    • Flexible and Spontaneous
    •  In Person & by Distance
    •  Affordable and Effective
    Price: €180
    8 Week Transformation
    Unearth Your Exponential Power
    My signature program. 
    Delivered over 8 weeks this divinely curated course is tailored to your specific intentions. It is designed to cover all aspects of life including mindset, health, wealth, and relationships. You will learn how to harness the powers of the universe to unearth your exponential power from within.
    •  Transform all areas of your life
    •  Weekly 1:1 energy healings
    •  Weekly Group coaching
    •  Online support material
    •  WhatsApp Q&A
    •  FB Group Community
    Live-in Healer
    Host a healer.
    An immersive spiritual bootcamp that will help you quantum leap mastering your own life by teaching you how to harness the power of your innate healing abilities coupled with energetically releasing blocks using the powerful Forensic Healing system. Specifically tailored to your unique conditions, personally guided through daily energy practices, energy healing sessions, meditations, lifestyle choices, and mindset shifts. All from the comfort of your own home.
    •  Bootcamp style healing
    •  4 week program
    •  Live-in healer at your fingertips
    •  Daily coaching conversations
    •  Mindset, health, wealth, relationships
    Amber's Credentials
    Forensic Healing Essentials, a healing experience like no other!
    The 1-day Essentials workshop develops your investigative and intuitive skill sets using the Forensic Healing system.
    Learn the foundational steps of energy healing techniques to heal yourself and others.
    You’ll be guided through the process of solving physical, emotional and spiritual issues by learning the fundamentals of the Forensic Healing system. Discover how to get to the core of any issue and clear it, fast. It’s an essential life tool for any problem.

    Forensic Healing Essentials suits women of any background who are open to living in a better way. This workshop is for you to heal your existing conditions, or you may be new to holistic healing, practicing health practitioner, masseur, reiki, kinesiologist or complementary therapist wanting to extend and build upon your existing modality and healing skill-sets. You will learn advanced energy healing techniques, and simplified kinesiology techniques.

    Finding the real cause behind your own and other’s conditions is a rewarding achievement – it’s a path to building a new life. The workshop is a full day format. You will mingle with other supportive, like-minded women, and leave feeling healed, uplifted and empowered to go forward in life.
    What you’ll experience in this workshop…

    •  Solve physical, emotional and spiritual issues with ease. The systematic approach will allow you to go directly to the cause of a condition
    •  Learn the foundational steps to apply the structured Forensic Healing system to release your own or your client’s conditions
    •  Discover, practice and experience how to read the body by developing investigative and intuitive, life skill-set
    •  Learn new ‘forensic’ healing methods that you can begin using on family and friends straightaway
    •  Includes access to the Forensic Healing Essentials Online course, 60-page pdf guide, and 84 minutes video
    Your Essentials Workshop Package Includes:
    •  A day of hands-on instruction and healing with a certified Forensic Healing instructor (to heal yourself and heal others)
    •  A 60-page online training guide (containing theory and practical exercises)
    •  84 minutes online training video (some theory, but mostly practical demonstrations of techniques)
    •  Login access to Practitioner Area to download additional resources
    •  *Optional physical guide and 2x DVDs will incur a shipping cost of AUD$9.95
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    Host a workshop & get a Free personal healing session

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    Scheduled Live Workshops
    Unearth Your Exponential Power + Forensic Healing Essentials 
    1-Day Workshop

    Where:   Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN
    When:  Saturday, 23rd March 2019
    Time: 9:30-17:30
    This jam-packed full day will incorporate the best of Amber's Signature Program AND Forensic Healing Essentials Workshop. 

    Price: €90

    All participants get a 50% discount for a personal 1:1 90 min coaching session with Amber.

    Host a workshop & get a Free personal healing session
    If she is in your country, you can request to host a workshop in your home or venue. With a minimum of 8 guests Amber will come to you to deliver the workshop. Plus you get a free personal 1:1 90 min Forensic Healing session as a Thank You for spreading and sharing the healing vibes.

    Catch Amber in Europe in 2019
    •  January - Berlin, Germany
    • February - Nice, France
    •  March - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
    •  April - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    •  May - Brussels, Belgium
    •  June - Wherever the wind takes me
    •  July 
    •  August
    •  September
    •  October
    •  November
    •  December - Australia
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