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Top 7 tips to help manage your emotional triggers

Written by Amber Florence on July 29th 2018
Take accountability of your emotions and take control of your life.

How turning vulnerability into trusting and hurt into whole by managing your emotional triggers, can set you free.

It's often you don’t know you could feel better until you do feel better…

Think… depression, anxiety, heartbreak..

Many of us have been through these emotional states and fortunately, as you're reading this you may know, it’s in hindsight that you realise it’s actually not the end of the world and that it doesn’t have to define and control you.

But it’s hard to get yourself out of the emotional mess, right!?

I’ve experienced all of the above states and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the growth that came from the intense experiences.

If you’ve been hurt in the past, you fear being hurt again, so you put up an emotional barrier that disconnects you from people.

Feelings like betrayal and suffering are etched in your heart and manifest as a feeling of heaviness and emotional pain.

"Anytime you experience strong emotional reactions to a situation, an emotional trigger has set you off. Emotional triggers are stored in your body and are subconsciously activated from time and time again.” - Marisa Russo, founder Forensic Healing

The stronger your emotional reaction is to a situation, the more easily you can be triggered again. Deeply ingrained triggers can be difficult to remove as you identify with it being part of your personality. 

As much as a trigger acts as a survival response shielding you from being hurt again, unknowingly it can also restrict personal development.

Managing your emotional triggers can improve your trust and make you feel more whole.

💝My gift to you💝 
Top 7 tips to help manage your emotional triggers

❤️Be aware of your feelings and the situations that trigger you
🧡Acknowledge your past and allow yourself to grieve
💛Take a step back and see the situation from a different viewpoint
💚Remove yourself from the situation and take time out to breathe
💙Reassure yourself by saying you’re safe and protected
💜Think of a time when you felt strong and empowered and immerse yourself in that state to dominate your thoughts
💕Choose to be happy and change your environment to reflect love and support

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Amber Florence

Amber Florence helps women realise their full potential by unearthing their confidence and self-belief with energy healing. She is an expert at helping people love who they are and knowing they are enough to live the life they desire.
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