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Written by Amber Florence on July 1st 2019

Six months ago I made a decision that would change my life. 

I decided I was going to finally follow my dream of living in Europe, something I’ve been talking about my whole life. 

At 30 years of age and still confused about what my real purpose was in life and with no savings, I made the leap of faith and knew with my whole being that this is what was going to happen. 

Living pay-check to pay-check I decided my corporate job in a multinational firm wasn’t fulfilling nor was it creating meaning or providing value in my life. 

My life was literally this: 7am walk dog, 8am commute, 9am-6pm work (or sometimes until 10pm non-paid overtime), 7pm dog walk, 8pm cook dinner, 9pm blink, 10pm bed. 

And I’m a single woman with a fur-child, but no dependents! 

I couldn’t imagine what life would be like WITH kids! 

And I had no time to even think about dating! 

Five successful hard working years in the corporate world, but I still had this feeling that I had more to give on this planet than just being behind a desk all day. 

I started searching for more meaning. I listened to inspiring podcasts, followed life coaches on Instagram, signed up to online courses, watched countless webinars, 

and discovered Jay Shetty!! 

I suddenly found consistencies in all my resources… one of which… Thoughts develop into habit and habit solidifies into circumstance. 

One thing led to another and I decided to invest in myself. 

I signed up to a light consciousness & law of abundance online program, started meditating, started a gratitude practice, spoke affirmations, asked the universe for what I wanted, and the penny dropped, I finally realised my passion! My passion in service of others was evidently my purpose! 

The industry: Health and wellbeing. 

People talk about work-life balance or work-life integration, whichever you follow; it usually still means a minimum 40-hour work week. 

I wanted time freedom to focus on my passion; building my own wellness business so I can have a positive impact on other people’s lives. 

I wanted financial freedom so I could have a positive and stress-free physical and emotional human experience with family and friends. 

So a few months until Europe, okay I realised my passion and a little self-awareness and super eager to start work on it. 

And still knew I’d find a way to finance the next 12 months in Europe, but didn’t stress about how. 

Through my research, I found countless ways to make money online and remotely, but I knew I wanted a system with a supportive community, mentors, a tribe, I wanted a product that resonated with me and was aligned with my passion! 

I trusted the universe would provide so I surrendered until I resigned work. 

Then it all started falling into place…

Amber Florence

Amber Florence helps women realise their full potential by unearthing their confidence and self-belief with energy healing. She is an expert at helping people love who they are and knowing they are enough to live the life they desire.
If you're interested in realising your full potential and growing your business with confidence then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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