About Amber Florence

Amber Florence is an energy healer, instructor, and online entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia who quit her corporate 9-5 job and temporarily moved to Europe to travel, live, and start an online spiritual healing business; Happy Hidden Healing.

She helps consciously aware women heal, realise their power, and create momentum and flow in their life by teaching them how to heal their own energy.

Amber consults by distance as well as in person and specialises in helping people quantum leap in becoming their ideal self. By unearthing her clients' exponential power and healing on a soul level, she transforms their self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth. In doing so, that they become the author of their own lives and subsequently progress in achieving their life goals. 

As a Forensic Healing Practitioner and instructor, she not only finds and heals the root cause of any emotional, physical, or spiritual condition trapped in your energy field, but she teaches women how to do this themselves. By releasing these blocks you feel at peace and free from your conditions while finding true love for who you are. When you heal you live a more fulfilled and meaningful life to your highest potential. When you learn these lifelong techniques, you empower yourself to continue to heal thorughout your life.

My Story of Hope
" I became an energy healer because I wanted to learn lifelong skills to be able to 
heal myself and support myself in making decisions through life; 
I wanted meaning and in the end, 
I wanted to find my purpose

I learned about energy healing when I was 28 
while still struggling with loving who I was
I felt like I had no purpose in life and I was just surviving pay-check to pay-check without any real meaning or fulfillment

My relationship was turning downward and I felt I didn’t have many close friends who just ‘got’ me. I had a huge weight of low self-belief on my shoulders, which was also clouding my direction and holding me back from living my full potential. 

I would probably say it was fate that led me to reading an email newsletter that I had signed up to 6 months earlier, which eventuated in booking an energy healing session. But now I know how energy works, I know it was an aligned sign 
and it was an opportunity that would change the course of my whole life. 

After just one 90 minute session, 
I felt a sense of love for myself I never ever felt or knew existed

I couldn’t stop crying tears of joy
tears of happiness
tears of true self-love 
right on the street walking home 
from the session that same afternoon. 

I could feel my soul smiling at me. 

I had an urge, a sense of full body craving to be on my own 
and to rediscover who I was. 
I released from a long-term relationship lovingly 
and started on a journey of self-discovery, 
self-love, self-belief, and personal freedom

My intuition and knowing was on overdrive. 
What did this energy healer do to me? 
She literally ignited the fire within my soul and kick started every cell into gear. 

It led me to become an energy healing practitioner
Because I wanted to spread this fire of self-love and belief 
and help other women feel exactly the same. 

After so many years of depression, self-doubt, hopelessness, 
and thinking that suicide was the most inviting option for my life, 
I had finally found freedom from this huge burden. 
I was ready to know my worth in the world, 
I was ready to ’shine my light’ as cliche as it is. 

People needed to know that there is hope

That there is healing. 

And you don’t have to wallow in the dark and despair of 
anxiety, depression, and fear to become yourself; 
a fear of letting your true identity show. 

And it sits deep within your very being. 

Even though it might be hidden, it’s still alive in everyone and so ready to be released. So ready to be unleashed. So ready to be unearthed

It’s so unique to you and when it's fed it grows exponentially

It’s your power, your intuition, your gut feeling, your knowing, your inspired action, your decision, your connection to source, your cells, your mind, your aura….. 
it’s your energy

And you have access to it and you can control it. 
All you need to know is exactly that. 
Realise that. 
Command it like a King. 
Train it like a puppy. 
Nurture it like a newborn baby. 
Love it because it is you. 

Uniquely YOU

There’s only one you, and the world wants it and needs it.

Harness the power of your own innate healing abilities. 
Harness your capacity to expand consciousness
Harness the author within and write your own book, publish your own story
and live your own journey that is already written, 
perfectly uniquely to your dreams and desires
It is available to you because if you can imagine it, it already exists.

I help consciously aware women heal, realise their power, 
and create momentum and flow in their life 
by teaching them how to read, trust, and heal their own energy.

If you are ready to Unearth Your Exponential Power
click the link below to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call 
and set out your golden path to manifesting your flow 
and momentum towards your dreams. "

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